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Saint Joseph of the palisades

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John 8:31 Then Jesus said to those Jews, who believed him: If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed.


The pastor of St. Joseph of the Palisades depends upon the advice and counsel of the lay leaders of the various parish organizations, devotions and ministries of the parish through the Parish Pastoral Council. Conscious of the financial constraints of the parish, the pastoral council is charged with helping the pastor plan, coordinate, and implement the various pastoral programs of the parish. The council is composed of representatives of each of these elements and meets on a regular basis, generally monthly. The meetings offer opportunity for communication among the various groupings to foster for mutual support; opportunity for input from group representatives on pastoral planning and decisions. A coordinating team for the council is composed of: chairperson, vice chair, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, publicity coordinator, representative to the parish finance council. These positions are filled through the suggestion of the council members and at the request of the pastor, with concern for the challenge of a multi-lingual parish.
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As required by Church canon law, the pastor of St. Joseph of the Palisades Parish relies on the advice and counsel regarding financial matters of a select group of members of the parish who comprise its Finance Council. The members are chosen by the pastor for their experience and expertise in good and effective business practices. The council helps with the development of an annual budget and reviews its implementation on a regular, generally monthly basis. It makes suggestions and advises on fund raising methods as well as cost saving practices for both the short term and the long term operation of the parish.
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The administration of the parish school depends upon a body of advisors to assure the financial support to the school, its programs and its facilities. The board is composed of volunteers from within and beyond the parish community who have a serious interest in the future of Catholic education and a belief in St. Joseph of the Palisades Elementary School program as a worthy example of it. The advisory board meets regularly to plan options for soliciting funds through direct appeals to benefactors and through fund raising events. The board also helps with solicitation of material support for school program needs. Membership is always open to interested and dedicated individuals.
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